Frequently Asked Questions From Our Patients at Scott J. Golrich in Yorktown, VA


Do you take my dental insurance?
We take all dental insurances and file it for you! Do not misunderstand though, that does not mean we are a provider for all insurance companies.
What does it mean, "insurance provider?"
Being a provider is a contract between your insurance company and the dentist. The dentist agrees to the insurance companies fees and writes off the difference between their fee and his fee.
Is my insurance coverage or lack of the insurance companies problem?
NO. Your employer purchases the coverage they want and it is a contract between you and the employer. If you are having difficulty with your coverage get in touch with you HR dept. or talk to your employer. You may also call your insurance company and get a fax of your coverage so you better understand what you have.
Do you know about my dental coverage and if not, why?
Not always. We learn about your coverage by calling them and getting a fax of your coverage so we can enter it into our computer so we can better understand the difference you will owe the dentist. All patients are responsible in understanding their own dental insurance policy.
Can I make monthly payments to Dr. Golrich to pay off my dental treatment?
Yes and No. We can offer 3 months of payments for your treatment but, we are not a financial institute so if it's more than you can pay off in 3 months, you may want to use an alternative such as Care Credit or your credit card.
How does Care Credit work?
It is an option many of our patients use to pay for their dental work with interest differed for up to 24 months! You can go online to and fill out the application in the privacy of your own home but make sure you have a printer so you can print your account number when you are done. You can choose 6 mos, 12 mos, or 24 mos interest differed but, whatever you are financing, divide that figure by 6,12, or 24 and that will be your monthly payment. You always want to pay them off in the time you have chosen so you are not hit with a high interest fee and you can pay them off early with no penalty.
What is your ADC dental savings plan?
It is an "in house" dental savings plan for patients who do not have dental insurance. It helps patients be able to get the dental care they need at a discount price. If you are interested in this, please ask Patti and she will explain it in detail and give you the information as to what is exactly covered.
How often do I need my teeth cleaned?
Recommended is every 6 months. For those who have health issues or diabetes or develop a lot of tartar or plaque buildup, we recommend every 3-4 months.
What is the difference between plaque and tartar?
Plaque is the soft bacteria that coats your teeth daily and can be removed by simply brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Tartar is the hard attached build up that forms on your teeth and has to be professionally removed by your hygienist.
What is gum disease?
It affects at least 50% of the population. When you floss or brush, your gums bleed, this is also know as gingivitis.
What is periodontal disease?
A more advanced infection that involves the gum and bone breaking down. It is tartar that is left on the teeth and over time puts pressure on the bone that holds the tooth/teeth in place. Untreated, the bone loss makes teeth get loose and leads to eventual tooth loss. It is also a cause for bad breath. Health factors cause such disease and the disease can cause health factors. Talk to your dentist or hygienist about periodontal disease.
Why do I need to go to a Periodontist?
When plaque and tartar buildup has done more damage to the gums and bone around the teeth and the teeth do not respond to a deep cleaning, a referral to a periodontist becomes necessary to surgically correct the bone loss.
Is it going to hurt?
Dentistry has come a long way! We have so many options to make you comfortable in the dental chair. We use a gel topical anesthetic and a gentle injection technique. We have Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and other sedatives to help with any anxieties. No one wants to hurt anyone, especially Dr. Golrich. He will do the best he can so you won't hurt!
Do I need to remove my silver fillings?
NO. There is not enough scientific evidence to support the concept of silver fillings harming you. This is the way all fillings were done way back when and nothing is wrong with it. Now, if you don't like them there and want a tooth colored (composite) resin placed, you can choose to do so.